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25 Vegetarian 4th of July Recipes

Meatless recipes for celebrating a vegetarian 4th of July, from grillable burgers and hotdogs to fresh summer salads and desserts!

Collage of vegetarian 4th of july recipes

The 4th of July always seems to be defined by the meats. You know, the hamburgers and hotdogs and chicken wings and ribs.

But if you’re a vegetarian going to a cookout, you may be wondering what options you have. Or if you’re a host wondering what to cook for vegetarian guests, the struggle can be real.

So whether you’re struggling to find plant-based options or just want to include more variation and vegetables at your Independence Day celebrations, here are some ideas to get you started!

I’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite vegetarian 4th of July recipes, including all the classics – like hamburgers and hotdogs – along with some new recipes worth trying – like grilled watermelon!

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