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19 Drool Worthy Vegetarian Soups

Making soup is one of the easiest, coziest dinners. Here are 19 of our favorite vegetarian soups worth drooling over!

Collage of vegetarian soup recipes

We’re all about easy recipes around here, so naturally we love soup! Because there’s not much that can go wrong when you’re making soup. Just throw all your ingredients in a pot, let it simmer to perfection, taste to adjust the flavors as needed, and serve.

And in fact, soup is an awesome way to learn how flavoring works, because soup is so forgiving! Is your butternut squash too sweet? Just add a few drops of salty soy sauce. Curry too spicy? Add creamy coconut milk to balance it out. You can play around with the balance of the soup until it’s just right!

So in the name of getting an easier dinner on the table, here are 19 drool worthy vegetarian soup recipes you’re going to love!

Vegetarian Soup Recipes

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