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19 Flavor Packed Vegetarian Rice Recipes

Think rice is boring? Let these 19 flavor-packed vegetarian rice recipes change your mind and make one for dinner tonight!

Collage of vegetarian rice recipes

I used to think rice was boring. And I guess when you grow up eating white rice with butter, there’s no way to avoid that (incorrect) opinion.

But rice has become so much more than plain as I’ve learned to cook and have explored different cuisines, like Indian, Mexican, and Korean. Rice can be a flavor vessel as a side dish, or it can be the star of the show!

Rice grains can broadly be grouped into three types: short, medium, and long grain. Short grains are wider than they are long, and are generally best for when you want sticky clumps of rice. Long grains, on the other hand, are 4 to 5 times longer than they are wide, and are great when you want more distinct rice grains. Medium grains run somewhere in the middle, with a somewhat sticky, creamy texture.

Within each group, rices are characterized by their features, like stickiness or firmness. A few common types of rice include:

  • Sushi Rice: A short-grain rice that becomes very sticky when cooked.
  • Arborio Rice: Used to make risotto, this is a medium-grain rice with a lot of amylopectin starch, making it creamy when cooked.
  • Brown Rice: Otherwise known as whole grain rice, has not had the outer hull layer removed, making it higher in fiber and vitamins than white rice (which has the hull polished off). Both American brown and white rice are a long-grain rice.
  • Jasmine Rice: A long-grain rice with a mildly sweet flavor and sticky texture, making it great for serving with curries.

Because of these distinct differences, you should substitute rice varieties with caution. Recipes are often designed around the size and texture of rice, so you may get a different outcome if you substitute a different rice.

Vegetarian Rice Recipes

Speaking of recipes, here are our favorites! These 19 vegetarian rice recipes are packed with flavor, from zingy stir fries to creamy risotto. Enjoy!

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