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21 Ways To Use A Can Of Chickpeas

Have a can of chickpeas you need to use? Here are 21 of our favorite vegetarian chickpea recipes, including dinners to desserts!

Collage of vegetarian chickpea recipes

We love chickpeas around here. Because as far as pantry foods go, I can always count on a can of chickpeas when I need a fast, delicious dinner.

So what should you make when you have a can of chickpeas burning a hole in your cupboard? We usually do one of three things with them:

  • Roast them with spices for snacking on, stuffing into sandwiches, or using as a soup/salad topper.
  • Use them fresh from the can for adding protein to salads, soups, or curries.
  • Mash them into a hummus or dip for spreading onto sandwiches or dipping veggies into.

But in case you’re in need of more inspiration, here are 21 of our best vegetarian chickpea recipes. Enjoy!

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