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8 Egg Recipes to Make Breakfast More Egg-citing

Egg week flew by! The Eggs in Clouds and Southern Eggs Benny were scrumptious, but you want more egg recipes right? Always more egg recipes! Here are 8 mouth-watering egg recipes for ya from around the food blogosphere!

1. The perfection that is toast + avocado + poached egg in this Avocado Toast with Poached Egg, Salmon Roe, and Seaweed Gomashio. (Chocolate + Marrow)

Egg Recipes

2. This ultra-classic Quiche Lorraine is the savory, eggy breakfast you didn’t know you were craving until now. (A Drunken Duck)

Egg Recipes

3. Is it time for pumpkin-flavored everything yet? No? Almost? Well let’s get that ball rolling with this Pumpkin French Toast. (Noming Thru Life)

Egg Recipes

4. Try this tomato-y combination of the Middle Eastern dish, Shakshuka, and Eggs in Purgatory…Eggs in Shakshukatory. Great for cleaning out the fridge! (Port and Fin)

Egg Recipes

5. How can you go wrong with a gorgeous combination of bread, egg, and cheese? Hint: You can’t. Try this Acharuli Khachapuri, Georgian Cheese and Egg Bread. (Chocolate + Marrow)

Egg Recipes

6. Any recipe that includes goat cheese, bacon, and eggs is a winner in my book. Just look at these Breakfast Pastry beauties! (Port and Fin)

Egg Recipes

7. In case you missed it, here’s the Southern Eggs Benny with shredded BBQ chicken and homemade Hollandaise sauce that we made yesterday.

Southern Eggs Benedict

8. And of course, the Eggs in Clouds (with a Zing!) from earlier in the week complete with Sriracha “Caviar”.

Eggs in Clouds


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