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17 Creative Cauliflower Recipes

Nutrient rich and full of potential, cauliflower makes a great addition to many different meals. Whether you like it air fried, in your tacos, or served up rice-style, here are 17 creative cauliflower recipes to enjoy.

A collage of 12 feature recipe images that all contain cauliflower

I’ve never understood why cauliflower is so underrated. Perhaps it’s the fact that it has a cooler older sibling named Broccoli who just tends to get most of the attention, or maybe it’s the fact that it has a reputation for being flavorless.

Either way, I’m here to get the word out: Cauliflower! Is! Delicious!

And the truth is, you can eat it so many different ways. It can be transformed to take on brand new flavors, and it truly adds substance to any meal it’s apart of.

Air fry cauliflower to serve alongside your favorite dipping sauces, add it to your meals Chipotle-style, include it in your tacos, or hide it in your fruit smoothies. No matter what you choose, cauliflower is here to stay with these 17 creative cauliflower recipes!

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