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15 Best Kombucha Flavors

Looking for some fizzy new flavor ideas for your homemade kombucha? Here are 15 of our best kombucha flavors, from refreshing ginger to cozy pumpkin spice!

Collage of best homemade kombucha flavors

While kombucha can be a labor of love, sometimes taking weeks between when you start making a SCOBY to when you take your first sip, this step makes it all worthwhile…the flavoring!

Read on to learn the secrets to flavoring your kickass kombucha, or click the links below to jump around the post.

What is the second fermentation?

Flavoring kombucha takes place in what we call the second fermentation. While the first fermentation transforms tea into kombucha, the second fermentation takes that kombucha and carbonates it! To carbonate the kombucha we do two things:

  1. Seal it: Bottling the kombucha in an airtight fermentation grade bottle will trap the carbonation, making the kombucha fizzy.
  2. Add sugar: Adding sugar (like fruit, honey, or table sugar) gives the yeasts and bacteria in kombucha something to “eat”, and they make carbonation as a result!

Having trouble with flat kombucha? Check out our troubleshooting guide to fizzy kombucha here!

Peach kombucha in bottles on a white background

How to flavor kombucha

So you’ve got kombucha from a first fermentation and now it’s ready for the second fermentation, so let’s add your flavors! Here’s a quick guide for how to flavor kombucha:

  1. Pour kombucha into fermentation bottles, leaving a little space at the top to add your flavors and to allow breathing space.
  2. Add flavors, like fruit, sugar, honey, or table sugar.
  3. Seal tightly. An airtight seal is important for creating carbonated and fizzy kombucha.
  4. Ferment for 3 to 10 days, somewhere dark and room temperature, until it reaches the carbonation level of your liking.
  5. Strain (optional) to remove debris before serving.
Ingredients to make blueberry kombucha

Best kombucha flavors

After brewing homemade kombucha for years (and helping hundreds of people brew their own too), I’ve settled on a few favorites. Here are my top 15 best kombucha flavors you can make at home!

This Lemon Ginger Kombucha is a classic citrus flavor that has quickly become my easy go-to kombucha flavor.

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This Peach Pie Kombucha recipe has juicy peaches, maple syrup, and a hint of vanilla (in other words, you’re going to love it!)

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A fruity brew that has a gorgeous color and adaptable flavor (I love adding lemon, ginger, or vanilla to it!)

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Strawberry Kombucha is classic fruit flavor that's great on it's own or in Kombucha Floats!

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This Mojito Flavored Kombucha is refreshing, zesty, and makes for a fun non-alcoholic cocktail (but of course, you can sneak in some booze too!)

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This seasonal flavor is full of fresh pumpkin puree and seasonal spices, making for a rich and delicious brew.

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With sweet apples and cinnamon, this kombucha ferments into a bubbly drink that tastes a bit like apple cider

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This Ginger Pepper Kombucha recipe takes classic ginger kombucha and gives it a spicy kick!

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The sweet mango balances out the tart kombucha and transports you right to a beach on Hawaii.

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Not so much a flavor (but a way of life). This is my favorite way to enjoy kombucha! (Recipe on our new kombucha website,!)

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This Pineapple Basil Kombucha is delightfully tropical with an herby twist!

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Inspired by the widely popular Trilogy™ Kombucha, with refreshing flavors of raspberry, lemon, and ginger! (Recipe on our new kombucha website,!)

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A cool weather flavor full of juicy pears and warming spices! (Recipe on our new kombucha website,!)

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A classic combo that you probably haven't tried yet! (Recipe on our new kombucha website,!)

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They say what grows together goes together, and this Rosemary Grape Kombucha is delicious evidence of that. (Recipe on our new kombucha website,!)

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Kombucha Flavoring FAQ

How can you flavor kombucha with frozen fruit?

Frozen fruit can be used to make kombucha, just be sure to thaw it before adding it to the kombucha.

Can you eat the fruit from kombucha?

Yes! The acidity of the kombucha preserves the fruit, meaning it is just as edible as the kombucha is drinkable!

Can you add herbs to kombucha?

Herbs add a fun new dimension to homemade kombucha! For hardy herbs (like rosemary or thyme), simple add the whole sprig. Tender herbs (like mint or basil), can be added on the stem, roughly chopped, or blended.

Have a flavor you love but don’t see here? Comment below so we can all get some inspiration! I’ve also found some of the best kombucha flavors on Reddit. Have more questions that aren’t listed here? Comment below and I’ll get back to you soon! (Or scan through over 500 questions and answers in our complete guide to homemade kombucha).

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