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Barcelona, Spain

Things I think when Barcelona pops into my head: colors, beaches, nights that turn into mornings, maaaagic.

Things I did and loved

  • GO TO THE MAGICAL FOUNTAIN. The Barcelona Magic Fountain of Montjuic is just so great. It’s water and lights synchronized to music and even though it sounds kind of lame IT’S NOT. Be sure to go up real close and get soaked and dance and just be in Barcelona.

Barcelona, Spain

  • We stayed in Kabul Backpackers Hostel, a relatively affordable hostel offering 3 free meals a day (not high class or anything, but still) and a killer good free walking tour. Undoubtedly the best free walking tour I’ve ever been on. Fun fact I learned on the tour: Barcelona imports the sand on its beaches and rents its palm trees from Hawaii.

Barcelona, Spain

  • And even if you don’t stay at Kabul, do a free walking tour. It’s easy to get caught up in the beaches and parties of Barcelona, but the city is full of surprisingly interesting history. Like look! This is the school Pablo Picasso studied at. How cool?

Barcelona, Spain

  • I had to leave Barcelona a tad early, but my group went to the iconic Sagrada Familia after I left. And even though they try to hide how amazing it was, well, it sounds pretty amazing. So don’t do like I did. Make that a priority and don’t leave without seeing it.
  • Party hardy. Barcelona is undoubtedly party central, so come ready.

Barcelona, Spain

Things to note

  • If you go to the beach (which you should) quite a few people will be naked, even if it’s not a nude beach. Just…prepare yourself.
  • And if you go to beach, keep a careful watch over your belongings. Barcelona is prone to theft, and without so much as a sneeze your valuables can quickly be swept right out from under your nose (R.I.P. sister’s purse and wallet).
  • The region that Barcelona lies in, Catalonia (or Catalunya), is like the Texas of Spain. It doesn’t really want to be a part of the rest of the country and threatens to break off and form a new country like every other day. Except Catalonia is a bit more serious about it. So you may notice that most people here don’t actually speak Spanish but rather Catalan.
  • Dinner and drinking hours are pushed back about 4 hours from what you’re probably used to. Expect to be up late, and don’t expect things to get going early in la manana.

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