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Seville, Spain

While you may not get a true taste of Spain in Barcelona, you’ll get it in Seville. Greenery everywhere, gorgeous Moorish architecture, and the most tasty tapas!

Things I did that were great

  • Rent a bike! Seville is a pretty bike-able city, so rent a bike and go!
  • The Plaza de Espana is gorgeous! I think some Star Wars scenes were actually shot here if that’s your thang.

Seville, SpainSeville, Spain

  • The Oasis Backpacker’s Hostel has great accommodations, a good walking tour (and they’ll let you sleep on their couches if you arrive via an overnight bus at 4am).

Things to eat

  • Tapas! While Barcelona has some tapa bars to accommodate tourists, it doesn’t have true Spanish tapas. Tapas are basically small portions of really good foods. You get a few friends, order a few different tapas, and just have a great, delicious afternoon.

Seville, Spain Tapas

  • I remember the area surrounding the Seville Cathedral as having really great food (though it’s a bit of a touristy area so it may be pricier).

Things to note

  • The bull fights. So being an avid animal lover, I didn’t go to a bullfight. And while I’ll refrain from denouncing a culture’s long-standing traditions, just know that they do kill bulls right in front of your eyeballs. So if you’re squeamish or easily upset, maybe skip this one.
  • The Spanish language de espana is a bit different from the Spanish of South America. You’ll notice soon-on that the pronunciation of “S” makes the speaker sound like they have a lisp. They do not have a lisp, they are just Spanish.
  • Seville is pronounced se-VEE-yah, and you may see it spelled Sevilla.

Seville, Spain


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