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7 Pear Recipes for Every Course

First off…happy first day of fall, y’all!! You’ll usually find ingredient link loves here on Sundays, because Sundays are just the perfect kind of day for sharing and eating and scheming up the things you’ll eat in the week to come. But seeing as I was reliving the glory days back at Penn State this weekend, I’m running a bit behind. Nevertheless, here are a few hand picked pear recipes to kick off autumn!

Pear Recipes

1. I have a newfound appreciation for good street tacos now that I’ve resided in San Antonio for a minute, and I’m eyein’ down these Pulled Pork Tacos with Spicy Pear Salsa. (Port & Fin)

Pear Recipes

2. Crumbles and crisps of sorts are always a favorite of mine. If you weren’t feeling the Zucchini Crisp from a few weeks ago, go for the more classic approach with this Pecan Pear Crumble. (Noming Thru Life)

Pear Recipes

3. I’m a fan of any recipe that finds a way to use the food itself as its own vessel. Less dirty dishes, extra brownie points for being fancy. Try these mouth-watering Paleo Baked Pears. (Foodie Fanatic)

Pear Recipes

4. Chocolate. Pears. Decadence. Spiced Orange Saffron Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce. (Curry Trail)

Pear Recipes

5. And for the true poached pear lovers there’s this ring, an obvious fashion staple.

6. How quickly would you jump out of bed if you knew you had these tasty tarts waiting for you at the breakfast table? Answer: 0.6 seconds. Caramelized Pear & Ricotta Galette with Walnuts & Honey. (Port & Fin)

Pear Recipes

7. Anyone out there play with Lincoln Logs as a kid? This is like those but made OUT OF FOOD. Healthy TASTY food! Tofu Carrot Stacks in Pear Sauce. (Foodie Awareness)

Pear Recipes

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