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Cook It Fresh

Cook It Fresh is digital cookbook designed to make your vegetarian dinners delicious, easy, and fresh (in just 30 minutes!)

Are you bored of the same few recipes you make every week? Too tired after work to plan, shop, and cook a healthy dinner? Cook It Fresh is here to change that story. Let us take care of dinner this month!

Cook It Fresh gives you control of your kitchen and eating habits, with delicious inspiration to fuel you all year! Ready to make this the tastiest month yet?

Delicious recipes: Fresh, healthy, and (most importantly) easy vegetarian dinner recipes that have easy-to-find ingredients and take around 30 minutes (or less) to make.

31 day meal plan: Weekly meal plans crafted to keep your dinners varied and reduce food waste

Personalizable grocery lists: Our powerful personalization tool helps you know exactly how much you need to buy, depending on the amount of people you’re feeding, to make shopping a breeze!

31 easy vegetarian recipes

  • In about 30 minutes with easy-to-find ingredients.
  • Healthy and fresh, with nutrition information for each recipe.

Personalizable grocery lists

  • Use our powerful personalization tool to know exactly how much of each ingredient you need to buy.
  • ​Feeding two tonight but having guests tomorrow? Plug your desired number of servings into the calculator to what ingredients you need.
  • Tailor-made grocery lists make shopping easy.

A month of meals

  • Thoughtfully crafted to keep your weekly menus varied and fresh.
  • No hassle of meal planning, so you can focus on simply enjoying good food!

Vibrant photos of every recipe

  • See exactly what recipes look like before you start cooking
  • Insta-worthy inspiration for how to plate and serve your meals

Printer-friendly version

  • Separate file with fewer photos to save you ink and money.
  • Printer-friendly grocery lists, with ingredients sorted by grocery aisle, make shopping quick and painless​.
  • Perfect for bringing in the kitchen to prevent spills on your phone or computer.

I know how hard it is to cook fresh food while strapped for time. I wanted to create a way for us to cook the nourishing dinners we deserve without it being a huge lifestyle change or chore, so developed Cook It Fresh.

I had a deliciously awesome time developing, tasting, and photographing the recipes in Cook It Fresh, combining my Bachelor’s in Nutrition, my Master’s in Sensory Science, and my love for exploring new flavors. I’m so excited to share it with you!


31 Day Meal Schedule
Digital Cookbook with Mouth-Watering Recipes
Weekly Grocery Lists
Printable Versions of All Materials
Grocery Personalization Tool

What nutrition information do you include with each recipe? Each recipe includes calories, grams of fat, carbs, protein, and fiber, and mg of sodium. These values are estimates from this free database, and you can find more detailed nutrition information by plugging the ingredients into the recipe analyzer found at the database. Though I have a degree in nutrition, I’m not a Registered Dietitian. Be sure to consult your doctor to make sure Cook It Fresh is suitable for you.

Do I need to follow the meal plan? Nope! The meal plan is a suggestion aimed at helping you to get varied recipes throughout the week, but you’re welcome to cook them up in whatever order you’d like. While the weekly grocery lists are based on the meal plan we advise, you can use the Personalizable Grocery List Tool to tailor-make your grocery lists each week, based on the recipes you want to cook.

How is this different than just finding recipes online? Planning dinners for a month takes a lot of time and energy. You have to search for recipes, make the grocery lists, and figure out how much you’ll need depending on the amount of people you’re serving. We’ve done all this legwork for you, curating 31 delicious recipes that are all around 30 minutes (or less) and with easy-to-find ingredients! Plus, we’ll introduce you to new flavors and ideas you wouldn’t have thought to try before.

How many servings are in each recipe? Most recipes serve 2 to 3, with a few serving 4. If this doesn’t fit your household, easily tailor your grocery lists with our Personalizable Grocery List Tool to save on time and money.

Are the recipes seasonal? The recipes are all perfect as year-round dinners, with ingredients you can find regardless of the season.

What measurement units do you use? Each recipe has both imperial and metric units. So whether you’re into grams or cups, we’ve included it all!

Will I lose weight? Cook It Fresh is not designed as a weight loss program, but rather as a healthy dinner solution. With that said, this program may help you to eat more nutritiously, which could potentially lead to weight loss, depending on your diet and lifestyle.

Are the recipes vegan and/or gluten-free? While all of the recipes are vegetarian, many are not vegan or gluten-free.

I have an allergy. Are the recipes suitable for me? No recipes include fish, shellfish, or peanuts. Potential allergens that are included in some recipes include: soy, milk, tree nuts, wheat, eggs. If you purchase Cook It Fresh and find that it’s not suitable for you and your allergies, I am happy to help you find substitutes or to refund your purchase.

What if I don’t like the recipes? If you don’t love Cook It Fresh, we offer a 31 day happiness guarantee. Not 100% happy, get your money back. That simple!

I am on week 2 of the 21 Day Vegetarian Reset and I feel amazing!!! I think the no grain, no sugar, no dairy, no meat is EXACTLY what my body has been craving!
-Participant in the 21 Day Vegetarian Reset, our other meal prep program

So, I made these for dinner tonight and …Wow!…they are fantastic. So easy. So filling. So healthy. I will definitely be making these again. Thanks for such a unique and delicious dinner!
-Anna, about Roasted Chickpea Gyros

I made this this morning. Easy and very tasty. I will definitely make it again. Thanks. 
-Catherine about Taco Soup

Still have a question about the program? Send me a note, sarah (at), and I’ll get back to you soon!



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