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Top 19 Recipes of 2019

The top 19 new recipes from 2019, with everything from hearty mains to easy sides (and so much kombucha!)

We’re in that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s where we’re not sure what to do with ourselves and time is confusion. Like, what day is it? And where did 2019 go?

So in the spirit of reflecting on the year, today I’m sharing 19 of the most popular new recipes from 2019!

You guys were all about the air fryer recipes this year, from the easy Air Fryer Veggies to the slightly-more-ambitious Buttermilk Fried “Chicken”.

And the kombucha! So much kombucha. After the wild popularity of our Kickass Kombucha guide, I decided to share a few fun flavors here on the blog, and you guys were here for it. So much so that I created a spinoff site that I’m so so excited to introduce to you called Brew Buch ( (!!). This will be a place for deep diving into all the nitty gritty of home brewing kombucha.

Of course, we can’t forget the popsicles. 2019 marked the debut of my very first cookbook, For the Love of Popsicles! Launching a book was exhilarating and exhausting and gave me the chance to connect with you guys as we spent the summer making (and sharing photos on Insta of our) homemade popsicles! I’m already excited for next summer to come so we can do it all again ๐Ÿ˜

But that’s not to say the year wasn’t filled with fails. Most recipes don’t come dropping out of the sky, perfectly balanced and ready to eat. But I failed exceptionally hard a few times, to include:

  • The time I spilled eggnog everywhere (and it tasted so bad anyways that I decided to cut the whole recipe).
  • The time I absent-mindedly threw away my memory card while on the phone. We flipped the house upside down looking for it, only to find it under a pile of moldy pesto pasta.
  • The time I bragged about my “famous cookies” only for them to melt into sad, flat-as-a-crepe nothingness. (Still ate them, obvs).

Top Recipes of 2019

Here are the recipes that didn’t fail! In fact, quite the opposite. These are the top reader-favorite recipes of the year. Enjoy!

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  1. Jean Mukti Kuster says:

    Dear Sarah, thank you for this great collection of recipes. I found you through the air fryer pizza recipe, and when I started to try your other recipes, I was so happy for find so much good cooking advice in one place! New to air frying and low-carb recipes, these make tackling weight-loss something to look forward to, rather than dread. And make meals a lot more interesting a quick to fix. Cheers and a very prosperous new year to you.

    1. Sarah says:

      So happy to hear you’re liking the recipes, Jean! ๐Ÿ˜€ Have a happy new year!