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13 Ways to Use Almond Butter

Jars of almond butter lining the shelves of your pantry? Here are 13 ways to use almond butter that will totally transform your everyday recipes! Give new life to your pancakes, create a yummy nut sauce for your veggie wraps, or use it to make creamy fudge. The options are endless!

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Mmm, almond butter. It’s rich, creamy, and delicious, not to mention versatile and nutritionally sound. You can eat it straight from the jar as is, or you can sneak it into different recipes to enhance the flavor!

And when I say recipes (plural), I mean it. Almond butter is in everything, at least when it comes to my cooking! I sneak it into my baked goods on a daily basis, but I also include it in my lettuce wrap dips, my quinoa breakfast porridge, and even my romesco sauce. It’s amazing what you can do with almond butter when you give it a try!

If you’re in the mood to get creative and incorporate a delicious almondy flavor into your recipes, here are 13 ways to use almond butter that should give you a great place to start. What will you be making first?

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  1. Winnie says:


    Wondering if you have ever made water kefir? Could you share directions? I am new to all things fermented and I friend gave me some water kefir grains. Thank you for your recipes. The instructions are clear and helpful.

    1. Sarah says:

      Hi Winnie! I actually have not tried this before (but I really want to!) Here’s a good guide to get you started.