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19 High Protein Vegetarian Meals

High protein vegetarian meals are easier to come by than you’d think! Give your body a boost in plant-based protein with these delicious meat-free dishes.

It’s the age-old question: “How do you get enough protein?” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question since I began my vegetarian journey. My answer is always stuffed with a list of some of my favorite high-protein foods and ingredients like beans, quinoa, and tofu, as well as high protein vegetables like broccoli, potatoes, and spinach.

Because the truth is, protein comes from more than just animals!

I decided to round up some of my favorite protein-rich meals that you can use as an easy reference for days when you need to add a little extra somethin’ to your food lineup.

So, whether you’re a full vegetarian, participate in your fair share of Meatless Mondays, or just like to enjoy meat-free dishes once in a while, check out these vegetarian meals filled with ample protein and mouth watering flavor.

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