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Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

A few things to do in Hamburg

  • The Rathaus (city hall) in Hamburg is HUGE and one of my favorites in Germany. Head over that way to lounge about by the nearby man-made pond and people-watch.
  • For (rather touristy) nightlife, take a walk down Reeperbahn, a colorfully wild street in the heart of St. Pauli, the Red Light District. Families and innocent eyes should avoid wandering too far from the main stretch because, as I’ve mentioned, this is the Red Light District afterall.
  • I didn’t attend, but I was told from many friends that the Hamburg Fish Market is pretty great. It gets going at the crack of dawn, so a transition from a night out to the fish market isn’t frowned upon.
  • The graffiti-covered Sternschanze district is alive with art and music. This was once a poorer side of town, with living costs that attracted the young/hippie/art folk. Gradually this abundance in artists and young professionals began to transform this shady side of town into a colorful, seemingly safer neighborhood, eventually attracting the older, more wealthy populations. This, in turn, has begun to push up costs of living, thus forcing out the original inhabitants. The result? Sternschanze is caught in a bit of a fight. While you’ll find lively and artsy bars and restaurants, you’ll also get the sense that you wouldn’t want to get lost around these parts late at night. Nevertheless, the main stretch makes for a pretty fun night.

Hamburg, GermanyHamburg, Germany

Well I guess in my two trips to Hamburg I didn’t stray far from the well-travelled path. Regardless, it’s a lively city with much to do and a culture vastly different from its southern German neighbors. And for the foodies, I did a quick synopsis of some must-try German foods in this post about Stuttgart.

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