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15 Ways to Use Cherry Tomatoes

Don’t let your tomatoes go to waste! Here are 15 cherry tomato recipes so that you can use up your veggies and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time.

Collage of 12 different meals that include cherry tomatoes

You go to the grocery store or farmer’s market, ready to stock up on fresh vegetables. You have so many ideas and recipes you’d like to create in the next week. But, as happens with life, you wind up too busy to cook, instead opting to order a few dinners from your favorite hometown restaurants. 

Before you know it, your veggies are starting wilt, and the likelihood of eating them is getting slimmer with each day. The good news, however, is that cherry tomatoes tend to last a bit longer than other veggies. Their lifespan is usually a couple of weeks, whereas those cucumbers and peppers need to be eaten days sooner.

Below you’ll find 15 delicious recipes that call for cherry tomatoes. This way, you won’t have to let a single one go to waste! Whether you’re in the mood for zucchini caprese salad, something with romesco sauce, or even your own personalized pizza, there’s something to cook up here.

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