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London, England

The city of London has far, far more to offer than I could ever cover in this baby guide from my few trips there, but by golly here’s my advice.

London, England

Things I did and loved in London:

  • Go to the theatre! I’m not usually one for dropping the big bucks on entertainment, but it’s well worth the money for a London show.
  • Spend a day exploring the quirky bars and shops of East London (Hoxton and Shoreditch boroughs). Notable things we found: a bar full of ping pong tables, a coffee shop that transforms into a club by night.
  • Discover the beauty that is Primark. This Dublin-based clothing store is H&M-esque, but with everything you could ever want, and with prices that are just about inconceivable.
  • Relax in Hyde Park. London is constantly moving and can be a bit overwhelming, so take a breather in the park to regain your energy.
  • Hop-on-hop-off busses, while being the epitome of touristy, are pretty great here, especially if it’s your first time in London. They’ll get you to every major attraction, entertain you with a bit of London history, and give you a chance to rest your feet.

London, EnglandLondon, England

Things to maybe just skip:

  • Unless you solely need to get somewhere and somehow the river is your only mode of transportation, those boats going down the River Thames are less than thrilling.

Things to eat in London:

  • Nandos! Really just a chicken fast-food restaurant, but with the same-ish cult following that Chipotle has in America.
  • London has a huge Indian population, so grab some good, authentic Indian food while you’re here.

Get in, out, and around London:

  • You can catch the always-cheap Megabus from mainland Europe (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Antwerp) to London (and vice versa). The bus will drive you to the port (Antwerp, I think), get you on the ferry, then get you all the way to London. The overnight option won’t be the best sleep of your life but hey…there’s free wifi.
  • The Megabus is also great for getting you all around the UK. You can catch an overnight bus to Edinburgh, Scotland for as low as 1 pound.
  • Hitchhiking is difficult but possible if you can get outside the city. As far as hitching a ride from Dover back to mainland Europe, don’t bother trying.

Things to note about London:

  • When it rains it pours, so bring a small travel umbrella with you!

London, England

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