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Ica and Huacachina, Peru

A small, tropical oasis surrounded by towering sand dunes. Sound like a mirage? Nope! This is Huacachina, Peru.

Hucachina, Peru

Things I did and loved in Huacachina, Peru:

  • The big thing in Huacachina is sand skiing/boarding. It’s a really small town, so ask around for Dito. He’ll rent you some skis or a board, then take you out for a day of sand dune thrills.
  • There’s a little hostel across from Dito’s shop. It has nice rooms and great food!
  • Along the side of the pond around which Huacachina is built are many jewelry vendors and nomadic hippie artisans. Go talk to them! They’re all funny characters who may give you a few traveling tips, and chances are you’ll see a few of them again in your Peruvian travels.

Hucachina, Peru Hucachina, Peru

Get in, around, and out of Huacachina, Peru:

  • You’ll get in via Ica, the main town near Huacachina. From there, take a quick taxi to Huacachina (or a cholo if you’re feeling daring).
  • Learn all about Peruvian busses in this post about Lima.

Hucachina, Peru


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