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Dublin, Ireland

Things I did that were great

  • Trinity University is an old, beautiful university in mid/east Dublin. And even though Joffrey from Game of Thrones went there, it’s worth a visit. When I was there they had a mesmerizing optical illusion gallery set up in one of the art buildings, so just explore and see what you find! But I wouldn’t bother waiting in that long line to see the Book of Kells unless that’s 100% your kind of thing.
  • The Guinness Factory is awesome. This ultra-modern museum winds up and up, taking you through the process of brewing, until you finish at a sky high bar, where you can enjoy your free Guinness as you overlook Dublin.
  • Temple Bar. Temple Bar. Temple Bar. Now there is actually a Temple Bar, but “Temple Bar” typically refers to the whole area that is home to many bars and pubs.
  • Riverdance will make you want to quit your job and learn to be an Irish dancer. It is SO great and worth every penny.
  • Look at doors. Honestly, the doors in Dublin are all so beautiful, don’t overlook them!

Dublin, Ireland Guinness

I apologize that these are the most touristy things I possible could have listed. But they were great.

Places to eat in Dublin

  • The Church is a 300 year old church that’s been converted into a fine-ish dining restaurant. Real good if you can get a seat!
  • Ireland is home to a large immigrant population, namely Brazilians! We made some friends hitchhiking around Ireland, so make sure to stop by their restaurant, Samba, if you’re looking for great Brazilian food!

Get in, around, and out

  • You can get from England to Ireland for about $2 with Megabus. The bus picks you up from Chester (a quick train ride from Liverpool), and drops you at Holyhead where you’re transferred onto the ferry. Then it’s just a few hour boat ride to Dublin!
  • Travel Ireland on the cheap with the Bus Eireann Open-Road Pass. For 60 euros you get 3 days of unlimited travel within a 6 day window. No renting a car and navigating the backwards, winding roads or rural Ireland. Fantastic free wifi. Not very crowded. Flexible schedules. It’s perfect.
  • Read this post about Dingle for some ideas and routes for seeing Ireland.

Dublin, Ireland

Things to note

I think Irish teenagers are responsible for 90% of the drunken name that the Irish have. Holy hell. And they love four specific American songs (none of which I can remember the name) and play them on repeat at every teenager-esque bar.

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