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17 Healthy Mushroom Recipes

Looking for inspiration for those mushrooms in your fridge? Here are 17 of our favorite healthy mushroom recipes, all vegetarian and easy to make!

Collage of healthy mushroom recipes

Mushrooms seem to be a love or hate kind of ingredient. And having been in both camps in my life, I understand both sides.

Mushroom haters (like I once was) will argue that they’re slimy and flavorless. Mushroom lovers (like me nowadays) know how umami packed and versatile this ingredient is!

How do you make the switch from mushroom hater to lover? It all comes down to ensuring you’re packing the mushrooms with flavor (like a tasty marinade), then cooking them correctly.

So for the folks who aren’t on board yet, or for the lovers of all things fungi, here are 17 of my favorite healthy mushroom recipes that highlight just how versatile and delicious mushrooms can be!

Vegetarian Mushroom Recipes

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