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19 Mouth-Watering Tofu Recipes

Is there any ingredient more commonplace to the vegetarian kitchen than tofu? Here are 19 of my favorite tofu recipes (that even the meat-eaters will love)!

Collage of vegetarian tofu recipes

When most people think “vegetarian”, one of the first ingredients that comes to mind is obviously tofu. And I get it. Because tofu can be so many things – from meat replacement to chocolate mousse – of course we cook with it all the time around here!

So for the tofu-loving herbivore or the tofu-questioning omnivore, I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite easy tofu recipes that everyone will love.

These recipes use a range of tofus from silken to firm (learn about tofu varieties), and cook it into a range of meals from breakfast to dessert!

Best Tofu Recipes

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