Homemade Popsicles (7 Recipes!)


The Ultimate Guide

How to make healthy homemade popsicles from A to Z, including how to make fruity, creamy, and even hidden veggie popsicles!

Healthy Creamsicles

Showing you how to make not one, not two, but THREE creamsicle popsicles today, from lemon and lime to classic orange creamsicles.

Banana Popsicles

Refresh your senses with these Banana Popsicles, an easy summery dessert made with only 3 ingredients. Just blend, pour, and freeze!

Sugar-Free Strawberry

Cool down this summer with this healthy Sugar-Free Strawberry Popsicles recipe, made with real strawberries, monk fruit sweetener, and lemon juice!

Mint Chocolate

This Mint Chocolate Popsicles recipe is made from fresh mint and without artificial food coloring or flavors (plus it has a secret healthy ingredient!)

Fruit Paletas

How to make Mexican-style popsicles, a.k.a. paletas! This fresh fruit paletas recipe comes in 4 delicious flavors and requires just a handful of simple ingredients.

Loaf Pan Popsicles

Wondering how to make popsicles without a mold? This DIY popsicle mold idea makes sliceable homemade loaf pan popsicles that are perfect for a crowd!

Showing you how to make easy vegetarian recipes!