How To Cut Shallots


Step 1

Trim & Peel: With a paring knife, cut the top off of the shallot. Make a vertical score down the shallot and peel the papery skin away.

Option 1

Slice: Lay it on a flat side. Slice it crosswise into rings. You can cut these as thickly or as thinly as you'd prefer.

Option 2

Dice: Cut the bulbs in half lengthwise, then face flat-side down. Make cuts up to the root end, but not all the way through. Make a parallel cut, then rotate the shallot and cut crosswise up to the root end.

Option 3

Strips: Cut away the root end. Cut it in half lengthwise, then lay each half flat-side down. Make vertical slices as thickly or as thinly as you'd like.

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