How To Cut Jackfruit


Step 1

Prep: Oil your knife and non-dominant hand. You can also wear gloves if you have them. This will really help reduce the stickiness involved with the preparation.

Step 2

Cut: First, cut the jackfruit in half lengthwise. Then, cut each half lengthwise into quarters, leaving four large pieces.

Step 3

Remove Core: Remove the white core in the center of the jackfruit, which is too tough to eat. When removing the core, it’s important to cut away from your body for safety reasons.

Step 4

Remove Pods: Reach in and remove the fruit pods that are tucked between the fibrous flesh. It can help to bend the jackfruit to loosen them up a little bit.

Step 5

Remove Seeds: Each fruit pod contains a hard seed that should be removed before eating. Use your fingers or a paring knife to open the pods.

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