How To Cut Carrots


Step 1

Peel: You have two options for carrots — scrubbing or peeling. Either way, give them a good wash.

Option 1

Rounds: With the carrot perpendicular to you, firmly grasp one end with your non-dominant hand. Using a rocker motion, slice the carrot into rounds.

Option 2

Half Moons: Carefully slice it in half lengthwise, using your palm to press the knife all the way through. Place each half flat-side down, and rotate it the same as for the rounds. Slice the carrots into half-moon shapes.

Option 3

Diced: Start by cutting the carrot into halves just like before. Then, cut the carrots into quarters. Rotate the carrot sticks, and dice them into smaller pieces using a rocker motion with your knife.

Option 4

Julienne: Cut them crosswise into 2 or 3 pieces. Thinly slice the pieces on one side, then flip the pieces on the flat side. Slice lengthwise to form thin slabs, lay each one flat-side down, and cut it into matchsticks.

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