Butternut Squash


Step 1

Trim: Using a sharpened chef’s knife, slice both ends of the butternut squash off. Make sure you keep a firm grasp on the squash with your non-dominant hand.

Step 2

Peel: Remove the outer beige and white skin with a vegetable peeler, ensuring you are peeling away from your body.

Step 3

Halve: Cut it in half hamburger style.

Step 4

Half 1: Stand the thin half of the squash upright, then slice it into slabs. Lay each slab down on the flat side, and cut it lengthwise. Rotate the pieces 90 degrees, and cut them into cubes the size of your choosing.

Step 5

Half 2: Stand the wider half upright. Cut it in half, then scoop the seeds out of each side. Flip the seeded squash halves over onto the flat side, and cut them into half moons. Lay each slice down flat, then cut it into cubes!

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