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The 21 ​Day Vegetarian Reset

Jumpstart, Revitalize, Reset


Delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert crafted into weekly meal plans designed to help improve your energy, reset your mind and body, and jumpstart your health.

*Note: an updated version of the 21 Day Reset will be released on December 18, 2018. If you purchase the program before then, the updated version will be sent to you free of charge. Bear with us while this information page undergoes some changes and may look a bit off!

You're 21 days away.

You want to start eating healthier, but you don't have the time and even if you did, you wouldn't know where to start. Your weight isn't what you want it to be, you don't have energy, and you're just plain bored of your usual food routine.

Sound familiar?

Really, the first step is so hard. But you're not alone.

I reached out to our readers to figure out the biggest problems you're facing. The top things you came back with were:

  • "I’m busy and don’t have time to invest in cooking healthy"
  • "I'm tired of diets and detoxes that I can't keep up with"
  • "I just want to feel energized again"

It doesn't have to be complicated, tiring, or impossible. You'll learn how to thrive on delicious plant-based foods so you can reset your health, fall into healthy habits, and learn which foods give you the most energy and radiance.

During the 21 Day Vegetarian Reset you will:

Break habits. It takes 21 days to break and make habits, so let's break those heavy chains! You'll learn how to easily incorporate fruits and veggies into your daily routine, making it even easier for those healthy habits to stick.

Reset your mind and body to get you on track for the new year (and the new you). You'll shift your mindset away from relying on junk food, to the point where you'll crave fruits and vegetables!

Jumpstart your health journey and get the momentum you need to keep it going.

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The 21 Day Reset Workbook

We're cutting grains, dairy, sugar, and meat. But don't freak out. This is going the be awesome, I promise. As a society, we rely too much on these foods. And while they may have a place in your longterm diet, the 21 Day Reset aims to break your dependency on them and teach you how to thrive on delicious plant-based power. This workbook will teach you:

  • How to stock your healthy pantry 
  • Tips to cope with cravings
  • How to re-introduce grains, dairy, and meat into your diet after the 21 Day Reset to understand if and how your body reacts towards them

50+ delicious recipes

It's hard to stick to new health goals if they involve complicated steps, mystical tonics, and impossible schedules. So we're not going to do that. Over each weekend, you can expect to spend 1 to 2 hours meal prepping for the following week. Each recipe can then be prepared in about 30 minutes.

  • Tailor-made to reset and re-energize your body
  • Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, and even dessert every day
  • We'll start each weekday with a delicious nutrient-loaded smoothie, to kick your day (and health) into high gear
  • Nutrition info for each recipe

Weekly meal-plans and grocery lists

Printer-friendly weekly grocery lists and meal plans take the guesswork out of shopping and cooking!

  • ​Precise measurements so you only buy what you need
  • Serving size converter to instantly tailor your grocery lists to your family size
  • Smart leftover use to save you money and time
  • No complicated steps, no fuss

Secure payment via Gumroad  -  31-Day Happiness Guarantee 

Who can do the 21 Day Vegetarian Reset?

If you're busy, lacking in energy and ready to take the guesswork out of “how am I going to get healthy?”, this program is for you. With ultra-adaptable serving sizes, the 21 Day Vegetarian Reset is great for both men and women of most ages and activity levels.

Meet your host, Sarah!

I'm a nutritionist, food lover, and graduate of the 21 Day Vegetarian Reset.

I've gone through the 21 Day Reset and know exactly how you'll feel. You can email me anytime with your successes and struggles.

Let's do this.

Here's what others have said about my recipes:

So, I made these for dinner tonight and …Wow!…they are fantastic. So easy. So filling. So healthy. I will definitely be making these again. Thanks for such a unique and delicious dinner! (Roasted Chickpea Gyros)


I had my son taste this after I made it for the first time to see what he thought. His eyes got huge and he said, “That is good, that is really good!” He then proceeded to tell his sister how bad it was and that she should just not eat any (you know, so he could eat it all). We can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow night! (Mexican Street Corn Salad)


​These were delicious! Super fast to make. They were a perfect lunch last winter. I was able to make up the chickpeas and other ingredients and then just throw them together in the morning before work. Thanks so much for this recipe!
(Roasted Chickpea Gyros)


Secure payment via Gumroad  -  31-Day Happiness Guarantee 

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