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Introducing Cook It Fresh!

Truth bomb time: even though I’m a food blogger and am supposed to have it together when planning and preparing balanced dinners, most of the time I just don’t.

But I’m not alone right? I mean, how many times have you rummaged through the freezer looking for a quick dinner you can heat up in your 10 spare minutes? Or the times when you DID actually have it together enough to find a recipe and decide to make it, only to realize you didn’t have all the ingredients?

Seriously, this is my life.

So I wanted to create something to solve this for us. Not just recipes, but the work that comes along with recipes all done for you. You know, the grocery lists, calculations to adapt serving sizes, planning…the fun stuff (lol). Well that “something” is debuting TODAY and it’s called Cook It Fresh!

In short, Cook It Fresh is:

  • 31 easy vegetarian dinner recipes
  • A month of meals planned for you
  • Personalizable grocery lists to fit your serving sizes
  • Just really good food

Get the details and join the fun here!

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