The Comprehensive Guide to Kickass Kombucha

Home brewing kombucha just got a million times easier

  • Comprehensive instructions for brewing foolproof kombucha
  • Your top kombucha questions answered in a detailed 49 page guide
  • Bonus: Kombucha log book for tracking your fermentations!

Home brewed kombucha made simple

Brewing kombucha at home is a fun and delicious way to save money, pack in probiotics, and create something truly magical. can seem like a lot. Between the equipment, ingredients, and sometimes lengthy instructions, it's normal to have questions! So I've put together a deep dive that includes everything you need to know to get brewing.

Here's what you'll get

Chapter 1: Get Started

A deep dive into what kombucha is, money-saving tips for purchasing supplies, and which ingredients are best for making it (including best tea, sugar, and water).

Chapter 2: Let's Brew!

Easy-to-follow instructions for growing your own SCOBY from scratch all the way to bottling including 21 flavoring recipes and tips for taking long-term breaks.

Chapter 3: Bits and Bobs

All the questions we haven't answered in the rest of the book? It's all here! Based on 750+ real reader questions and emails!

Bonus: Kombucha Log Book!

  • Organize your fermentations
  • Keep track of your delicious flavor combos
  • Printer-friendly, available in US (8.5x11) and A4

"This really does make kickass kombucha! Thanks for sharing the second fermentation secret … that’s really where things turn from “pretty good” to “hotdamn!”  5 stars"

- Susie

Hi friends, I’m Sarah! 

I’m obsessed with home brewing and have helped hundreds of folks make kickass kombucha in their kitchens!

My love of kombucha started like anyone else – hopelessly hooked on store bought kombucha and willing to pay the price. That is, until I discovered the deliciously fizzy world of homemade kombucha and never bought a bottle of store bought again.

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"Your Kombucha book is the best I've found!! Excellent instructions and ideas! Just made a batch. Thank you for all of this!"

- Janine

"Thank you so much for this! Most kombucha instructions I’ve seen have been a bit complex with all of the jugs and tubes, so it’s great to see one that doesn’t require so many tools (I have a tiny kitchen!). Can’t wait to try it!   5 stars"

- Christine 

"This is such a great and easy explanation on how to make Kombucha. I have done it in the past and found it confusing. So, thank you."

- Karter


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