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Bites with the Boyfriend: Again

The boyfriend-tulip-man and I don’t get to see each other often (though that’s soon to change, stay tuned…) (!!!!), so when we do find ourselves in the same kitchen, we feast. Way back in May when I saw him last, we cooked up a whole array of tasty breakfasts and not-breakfasts. So of no surprise, aside from eating almond paste and pear tarts (recipes coming soon!) for the duration of this visit, we also whipped up some magnificent noms.

There were these beauties. Basic, I know, but a sure-fire way to my heart. Top them with a dollop of BBQ sauce + mayo + Sriracha (aka Toasty Sauce) and you’re in for a good morning.

Bites with Boyfriend: Eggs
Bites with Boyfriend: Eggs

This zebra chicken, while being anything but the meatless diet I’m working towards, was delicious. The bacon held in heaps of moisture and flavor and ahhh just…yum.

Bites with Boyfriend: Bacon Chicken

When in the south, you’ve gotta have yourself some ribs. Mango puree + BBQ sauce slow roasted in the oven. Magic. (Paired with our favorite Zucchini Corn Salad). I’m not proud of the sloppy, underexposed iPhone photo I took of these bad boys, so you don’t get to see, just imagine. What can I say, I was hungry and there were BBQ ribs in front of me.

Frog legs. Feeling adventurous, we ordered a few questionable entrees at Folc, a new restaurant here in San Antonio. A liver palette, whole roasted cauliflower topped with bonito flakes (fish), and frog legs. They really did taste like chicken. Gritty, fried chicken. I don’t think I’ll be craving them anytime soon.

Bites with Boyfriend: Frog Legs

And there were these Dutch treats, Perrensloffen (Pear Slippers). Check back for the recipe tomorrow!

Bites with Boyfriend: Pear Tarts

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