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Welcome to Live Eat Learn, where we’re all about simple, unique vegetarian recipes that anyone can cook. I know what it feels like to be bored and clueless in the kitchen; you want to eat healthy but don’t know what to cook, so you settle for the same few things every week. Sound familiar? Well together we’re going to take on this lack of inspiration and create something delicious!

Here’s how it works

Every 2 weeks we’ll choose a featured ingredient. Carrots, quinoa, coffee, you name it! We’ll start by diving into the basics of that ingredient; how to cook it, different variations, when it’s in season, you get the gist. Then for 2 weeks we’ll cook up an array of delicious, (almost) always healthy recipes with that ingredient. Ready to start exploring? Check out our past Featured Ingredients, or head straight to the Eats!


Speaking of exploring, in addition to my wild love for food, I have insatiable wanderlust, which I write about in the “Live” section of the blog. If you’ve got a trip coming up or just want to see one zillion travel photos, make your way to that side of the menu bar, where I’ve broken down my travels into city guides by country.

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Oh, and I’m Sarah! I’m an Alaskan travel-addict with a bachelor’s in nutrition and a serious sweet tooth. Head over to the About Page to meet me!

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a smoothie. And you’re in luck because I have like…a lot of smoothies for you.


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