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Inspiration Behind Learn

The “Learns” of this blog can be broken into two general areas: my steep learning curve as I explore the kitchen (like the time I almost burned down the house with my beet chip attempt), and the learns I hope to pass on to you.

I Learn

This is a great time to say that I do not have any training in the culinary realm. But I’m learning. Upon realizing that a majority of my college meals consisted of baked potatoes + onions + carrots (which at the time I considered high class cookin’), I decided some culinary learning was in order.

But I’m a slow learner, so we’re taking it one ingredient at a time. Each week I’ll explore a new ingredient, starting with some good solid learning about that ingredient (seasonality, nutrition, how to select it, how to store it etc.) to get us started. Then I’ll dive into how to actually make something edible out of it! And while I may look like I have my sh*t together as you read the recipes in this blog, know that 1) they are often the product of many trials and errors, and 2) I am still learning. With that said, if you know of better techniques or ways of doing something you see here on the blog, please share the knowledge by commenting below the blog post!

You learn

While I may not be a culinary mastermind (yet), I do know a thing or two about nutrition. I come from a pretty health-oriented family, so when I discovered that nutrition was a major at my university, it just felt right. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in nutrition in 2014 and (fast forward past a few bumps in the road) now have a few credits of master’s coursework in nutrition and a Dietetic Technician, Registered certification.

What does all of this mean? I want to spread the nutrition and health knowledge to EVERYONE! The internet is full of inaccurate nutrition information and advice and it just grinds my gears! I hope to make this a place for reliable, accurate nutrition and health information.

Live // Eat // Learn



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