Inspiration Behind Eat

As you can likely deduce, the “Eats” make up a huge chunk of this blog, because I love food. But the reasoning behind the food and the recipes and the cooking I do are really a culmination of everything that makes up the “Live” and the “Learn”. This is the general thought process that went into the creation of Live Eat Learn:

What am I going to do with my life? Or at least…my free time?
Well I like nutrition. And healthy things.
Oh! I like trying to cook healthy things. I’ll be a chef!
But I also like taking pictures. I’ll be a food photographer.
Wait, I also want to write though!
What about marketing? Marketing is cool, right?
Food blog.

And so here we are. While “Live” and “Learn” are both deep-rooted in everything I have ever been and loved, “Eat” is a new one for me. So hop on board as I explore the kitchen, one new ingredient at a time!


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