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5 Vegetarian Ways to Use Fresh Ginger

The day I discovered fresh ginger was quite possibly the most pivotal day in my college life. Admittedly, I wasn’t the best cook back in college, and B.G. (before ginger), my cooking was sad and flavorless. Ginger opened up a whole new world to stir fries (every college student’s dream food) and flavor, and this week I’m sharing that love for ginger-y flavor with you! To get us going, here are 5 vegetarian ways to use fresh ginger.

5 Vegetarian Ways to Use Fresh Ginger

The base of Asian-style stir fries and curries: Ginger in combination with garlic makes a killer base for Asian-style dishes. Try out these Carrot Noodles, Weeknight Curry, or Rainbow Poke Bowl.

Vegetarian Pineapple Poke Bowls

Cut bitterness: Pungent fresh ginger is great for cutting strong bitter tastes, like grapefruit. Give these Grapefruit Smoothie Bowls a go to see what I mean.

Strawberry Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

Carrot + Ginger: These two are quite the pair (especially in the form of this bone-warming soup!)

Kombucha: Are you into kombucha? I am too! Add a few slices of fresh ginger and a dash of honey in the final fermentation makes for some damn good ‘buch.

Hot to make kombucha

Tea: Not into kombucha but still like tea? Throw some sliced ginger and honey in hot water for an easy tea (you don’t even need to peel the ginger!)

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